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investment-advisoryDid you ever wish that someone would build an investment fund just for you? You would actually know the fund manager, the companies you own and how much it is costing you. The manager would know your goals and objectives and could invest accordingly.

At LifePlan Financial, we have a team of investment professionals who build and maintain private portfolios for our clients. Your investments are deposited with a large discount brokerage firm which is SIPC insured.  We provide online access to your account information, quarterly performance reports and informative commentary to help you understand the world of investing.

Our portfolio management team has a combined 65 years of experience in protecting and growing our clients’ assets.  We are supported by leading research and our firm of advisors, who comprise the investment committee.  We manage over 70 million dollars of client assets in private portfolios designed specifically for our clients’ needs.  We have authority to buy and sell investments for our clients based on pre-determined parameters set forth in a risk management model.

There are many advantages to having a private portfolio. Tax savings can be achieved through the proper trading of securities in your account. In a public fund, you have no control over the tax consequences. Transparency gives our clients the knowledge and peace of mind in knowing the companies they own and when they are bought and sold. Investment returns, fees and expenses are also disclosed in a clear manner so our clients know their rate of return after fees and expenses are paid.

Why not get the benefits of a private portfolio, just as the wealthy have enjoyed for generations?   New technology, lower trading costs and availability of research have opened the door for people of moderate means to gain access to a more effective means of investing. Contact us today for a free introductory appointment and an explanation of how this can work for you.


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