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Financial planning consultationCan you have the retirement you want?  What will be your financial legacy?  It is time to take control of your own future. In a world where investment returns are unpredictable, planning is the most important exercise you can do to increase the likelihood that you’ll enjoy a rewarding retirement. The advisors at LifePlan Financial can lead you through the process, gathering data, organizing your finances and taking the necessary steps to achieve a successful retirement.

We use an award winning and highly respected program called MoneyGuide Pro. It is for our pre-retirement and retirement clients who want to know how their financial life is going to work out. They want to know how well they can live and still make their money last. It is the leading financial planning software used by independent financial advisors in the nation.

Financial planning gives you peace of mind by looking at the resources you have and putting them to their most efficient use for your future benefit. It gives you the opportunity to look forward with confidence that the steps you are taking are going to provide for your needs, wants and wishes. With the help of a trained advisor, you can make periodic adjustments to the plan as your situation or the financial landscape changes.

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The successful management of your financial affairs will be a legacy to your family when you are gone someday. At LifePlan Financial, we have over 35 years of experience in arranging estate plans that deliver maximum value to your family by minimizing costs in the transfer of assets to your loved ones at death. It is a gift to your family to have an efficient, organized plan that is easy for them to administer. Good planning can ease the tension and eliminate conflict that can arise in a poorly designed estate plan.

Why not begin the process of putting your financial life in order and gaining some confidence in your future? Start now and collect the rewards of good planning in your retirement years when you want to be free of the stress of financial uncertainty. Contact LifePlan Financial for a no-cost introductory meeting to explain the benefits of financial planning for you and your family.


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